About us

FREEWAY ELECTRONICS LTD is one of most specialised distributors in the fields of Computers, Electronic Weighing Scales, Point of Sale Terminals (POS) both single shop solutions as well as Chain Retail Shop Solutions complete with Central office and Whole Sale Store Systems.  

FREEWAY ELECTRONICS LTD was established during 1984 as a limited liability Company, distributing succesfully Personal Computers, accessories, peripherals and consumables.

As from 1985 we entered the field of Scales, signing an agreement for distributing Yamato Scales in Cyprus. Within a few years, we reched the goal of 15,000 Yamato Scales in our Market and Yamato Scales Co Ltd confirmed that our Company is their most efficient distributor worldwide.

A little bit later, when Measuring System in Cyprus was aligned with European Measuring System, we managed to modify more than 80% of existing Mechanical Scales even Antique Scales and we have received the congratulations from Cyprus Metrology Authority.

As from 1986 we were distributing Nikko, Samsung and Japan Cash Machines. We are the leaders in the Cash Register Market. During 1994 till 2003, we had 95% of Cash Registers connected to Scales System.

Since evolution of compact POS Terminals during 2001, we were distributing successfully Samsung SPS-1000 POS connected with Scale with European Software.

As from 2004 we have developed our own Software with efficient Back-Office Software and launched Touch Screen POS Systems.

Now we offer the most succesfull Systems, for both single Shops as well as for chains of many Retail Shops with Central Office / Stores complete with Bonus Card Systems, e.t.c. We have already adapted our Software for several applications such as Supermarkets, Fruitshops, Kiosk, Bakeries, Pubs, Restaurants, e.t.c.

We offer reliable and excellent Service for any product we distribute. 



Tel: 22 333013 - 22 333188